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Based on providing healthy, delicious food from all corners of the globe, Kiwi Kitchen deliver gourmet meals and provide catering services within Metropolitan Tokyo.

Kiwi Kitchen originated in 1999 following co-owner Vanessa Bell's
frustration at the scarcity of places to buy healthy, tasty lunches
while working in central Tokyo. Offering baskets of home-made

food around offices of foreign companies soon progressed into a successful and thriving business venture for Vanessa and her business partner Kylie Hunn.

With perseverance and sheer determination, the pair waded through the stumbling blocks of establishing a business in a foreign country to eventually secure suitable premises, a license, and change of visa status. Business was soon under way with two staff running the kitchen and another two delivering to central Tokyo businesses.

Since their early beginnings, Kiwi Kitchen's range of services has considerably expanded beyond lunch deliveries.

It now provides catering services for businesses, international schools, office functions and meetings, cocktail parties, BBQs, and production companies requiring food delivered on-site. In addition, they offer a freshly-prepared home pack meal service.

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About Kiwi Kitchen
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Providing healthy, delicious food from all corners of the globe.